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Respected and trusted by some of the best tattooers in the world since 2016, Metrix produces tattoo needle cartridges, tattooing equipment, and tattoo supplies, demanding market-leading quality for every product we offer.

Operated by tattooers and artists in a studio environment, Metrix was founded around the core value of providing quality tattoo products to tattooists, without the insane price tag associated with others on the market, and this core principle guides us every day.

Metrix provides over 150 tattoo needle cartridge configurations in Metrix Signature series, and with other premium tattooing products like Metrix Primer and Metrix Wrap, we supply thousands of tattooers across Australia, New Zealand and the world.

Metrix is proud to be Australia's Premier Australian Owned & Operated Tattooing Equipment & Supplies Brand.


Empowering TATTOOERS with innovative, artist-designed tattoo products

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and design. We are constantly designing, testing and developing products to meet the needs of the best tattoo artists in the world to bring them to all professional and apprentice tattooists without the giant price tag.

As a company founded and run by tattoo artists, we genuinely understand the needs and struggles of tattooing which drives us to make the tattoo experience better for everyone.

The Most Trusted Tattooing Tools

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