Empire Inks - 4 Stage Graywash

$149.00 USD

Many tattoo artists around the globe now prefer utilizing pre-mixed graywash.

Large batch production ensures unwavering uniformity.

Empire Inks' washes yield beautiful cool undertones when healed, creating striking contrast between the warmth of skin tones and the cooler hues of the grey ink.

"Since the birth of pre-mixed graywash, there has been the argument of, “Why buy it premixed when you can use the drop method?" .
The drop method works great for certain styles and application of black and gray tattooing.
My technique calls for me to be more deliberate, therefore, I need the consistency that a premixed ink offers.
It’s not a matter of which is better in tattooing, rather which is better for each individual artist". 

-Colt Brown, Empire Inks Founding Owner