Empire Inks - Complete Wash Set

$401.00 USD

Introducing Empire Inks' 120ml/4oz Complete Wash Set, featuring:

4 Stage Graywash: Where Tradition Meets Excellence

Many tattoo artists around the globe now prefer utilizing pre-mixed graywash.

Large batch production ensures unwavering uniformity.

Empire Inks yield beautiful cool undertones when healed, creating striking contrast between the warmth of skin tones and the cooler hues of the grey ink.

4 Stage Whitewash: Redefining Precision

Empire's new whitewash system empowers artists to attain smoother gray tones with minimal effort.

Historically, tattooers would incorporate a small amount of white into their graywash, facilitating the creation of precise values without the necessity of layering.

Thanks to Empire Inks' Whitewash Set, you can expect reliable ink and pigment consistency, resulting in healing akin to a semi-opaque gray while permeating the skin effortlessly like traditional graywash.

Titanium White: A Beacon of Brilliance

Empire Inks' potent white ink serves dual purposes, excelling in both highlighting and blending.

With a thickness suitable for covering expansive areas with rich saturation, yet also fine enough for precise highlighting, it offers versatility in application.

It is the highest lightfast white Empire have found, meaning it maintains its brilliance over time in the skin.

Classic Black: The Timeless Foundation

Empire Inks Classic Black has been crafted with a cooler undertone, it harmonizes beautifully with warm skin tones while maintaining a medium viscosity, ensuring smooth application.

Ivory Black: Unrivaled Depth

Our darkest offering, Ivory Black promises a pristine and even darker rendition of our Classic Black formula.

Perfect for packing black with unparalleled saturation, its smooth consistency and medium viscosity guarantee flawless contrast against warm skin tones, elevating your creations to a new level of excellence.